Making Frame Ready Art


During my tenure as a custom framer for 3 years, I used to see all types of art work in various sizes. I’ve seen frames as big as 60 x 72 to your standard 5×7. One thing I never got tired of was seeing the absolute sticker shock on peoples faces when they realized how much it would cost to frame dear old Grandpa’s watercolor painting. Realizing it’s pretty hard to get a cutom frame done for under $100.Which might be outrageous  to someone trying to frame a picture that’s 10×10.


The next question people would ask would be how do I get this done cheaper? One solution is to get the art matted to fit a ready made frame, which, will run you anywhere from $25-$50. “What makes it so damn expensive?” Would be the next fruatrated question, which I would reply, ” doing a custom frame job is like making a lasagna from scratch. Sure you can buy the cheap ready made Stouffer’s , but there is nothing like a good homemade lasagna. Consequently, it’s going to cost more for that delicious taste, but it’s well worth it in the end.



The ingredients for a frame order goes as follows: Frame, Mat, Glass, fitting it together, any speciality parts (spacers), and of course the finished backing with hanging supplies. All of which will give you a delicious piece of artwork hanging on your walls and will be a constant feature piece in your home for years.



Well what if you don’t want to do that and just     wanted to buy a damn frame already. Then hopefully your piece is one of the standard sizes for a frame which are:

4×6                     14×18            24×36

5×7                     16×20            10×20

8×10                  18×24

11×14                 22×36

Note to all other artists, please make art at one of these sizes if you want to sell your piece so it is frameable at a reasonable cost. Selling work at this size will make it easier to sale due to its ready to be put into a frame without having to get a custom job done.

So what if you have a piece that is 13×19 and you don’t want to pay for a custom frame or a mat job? Then you are the one who would benefit from a Frame Kit. These metal or wood frames are sized at rounded inches and you will likely find the two sides needed to fit your piece. However, it is a standard metal/ wood brand coming in various colors. You will need backing, glass and strap hangers. Usually you can get all that for around $50.00.










Here are a few more tips for anyone wanting to get something framed.

* If its and oil painting DUE NOT KEEP GLASS IN FRAME! If left in colors will lift eventually and get stuck to glass

* If you have a photograph NEVER HAVE IT RIGHT UP AGAINST GLASS. Over time picture image will get stuck to the glass, please invest in matting.

* When putting a hanging wire on the back of the frame, come down 3/4 from top and input hooks.

*All frame jobs will take 1/4 inch off all the way around the image.

* If you have a pastel or charcoal drawing USE FIXATIVE FIRST & LET DRY BEFORE PUTTING IN FRAME

*Lastly stay away from GOLD FRAMES………EW.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2014 Looks to be a huge year for the Mrs. and I.  Im taking the show on the road and packing the easel, paint and brushes and moving to the Pacific Northwest. Seattle bound and a truck full of new art to show, Seattle is about to get flooded with art by yours truly. Im looking forward to completing a few major pieces in my new location before winter hibernation wears off. Look forward to my long awaited “Ali” piece, which I have been working on and off for about 2 years nows as well as, my “Soul Train” dedication piece.



This is also the year that my curiosity about oil paints will be satisfied, I have enjoyed painting in acrylics and watercolor all these years but true artists know there is something about painting in oils you just can’t duplicate. I was blessed with some oils over the holidays and am anxious to learn the in’s and out’s of that medium and can’t wait to see what I create.



So follow the blog through 2014 and follow my transition to a new city, venturing out into the art community, my dive into oil paints, tips I’ve come across and not to mention all new artwork by me. Hope you  and your creativity have a productive year.

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Sacramento Temporary Contemporary



If you haven’t made it to Sacramento’s Temporary Contemporary Art Gallery, what are you waiting for? I must say if your going out to view art on Second Saturday or any other day, this place is a must see. I honestly slept  on this place for a year because it wasn’t in the typical downtown art scene. I couldn’t be more wrong! With a great big open floor plan and massive white walls that scream for art to hang from it. The curator of this place is in a league of his /her own. When I first stepped in, I noticed the flow of art that takes a viewer nicely throughout the gallery. Ranging from huge canvases to little 8×10 pieces, my wife and I never got bored looking around. Usually when I visit a gallery I am in and out within an hour, not at this place. Located off of Del Paso blvd, this space has got the heart of Sacramento’s art scene pumping full of energy and excitement.

During the month of December I have had the privlige of taking part in there “Make your own music” show and on opening night both my submissions were purchased. A definite boost to any artist confidence.









Nothing like seeing the Red dot next to your name.


Not to mention “Mama Kims Restaurant” is located at the front of the builiding. So with good eats and great art, this has become my top favorite art location in Sacramento. So visit there website ( ) and stay up to date with them on there facebook page ( )

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Koi of Bushido



In Japanese, koi is a homophone for another word that means “affection” or “love”; koi are therefore symbols of love and friendship in Japan.


The Bushido originates from the samurai moral code stressing frugality, loyalty, arts mastery, and honor unto death.

I am glad to announce that my “Koi of Bushido” series is now complete. I felt drawn to do a series of paintings that was influenced by my Japanese heritage. Growing up with a Japanese grandmother (Obachon in Japanese) provided me insight into the organic ways of their culture which consequently, has shaped me to be the man I am today. So during my college years I picked up “Code of the Samurai” by Thomas Cleary which provided me a clear insight on how Bushido code is to be upheld.



Fastforward now to 2013, I am entering my 30’s and am a married man, artist and business man, trying to live by the seven virtues of the Bushido. Never have I been so clear minded and focused on exactly who I am and what I want. The following is a breakdown of the seven principles:















It took me a year to complete this series after trying to figure out the direction I was going in and in the end I am happy with the end result. I wanted the Koi to stand out like they were on a stage being presented, since Koi’s have beautiful colors and patterns.

Feel free to leave your insight below.

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Art Primo San Francisco


As a long time customer online, I couldn’t wait to visit the Art Primo location that opened up in San Francisco within the last year. There website is a vast warehouse of all types of needs for the urban artist. From caps to spray cans to art markers to paint pens this is the place to be art primo has what you need. The whole purpose I wanted to go visit was the need for an acrylic paint pen, which for some reason, is impossible to get in Sacramento. Don’t get me wrong any artist loves to visit the bay area just to soak in the creative vibe the city put out, but in the Capitol city, which houses hundreds of fantastic Acrylic artists one can’t get an acrylic paint pen. Just Wrrrrong! 


Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking my brother and sister to Art Primo so they can share in my excitement. It was short lived, (which was hilarious to my sibs) upon arrival we noticed it wasn’t the warehouse like store I was expecting. With there vast array of art supplies and apparel I assumed this place was going to be like a normal storefront. So wrong, the store was very lets say “intimate” and had a couple lines of spray cans available and a glass counter full of options of paint pens and spray caps.


They did have a gallery in the back of the store which had a very “interesting” series of photos displayed. I can see whoever curates this gallery is going for edgy, shock-n- aw type of look. Once I came back to the front to purchase my paint pen, I was quickly educated about the different type of paint pens and art markers out there on the market and  schooled on what spray cans go good for certain surfaces. In the end, I was disappointed on size and abundance of product, however, was able to purchase what I came for, was greeted by knowledgable staff and was able to see some art. So I would have to give them a 3stars out of 5star rating.

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