I am Schmo Greene

I’ve been doodling since I can first remember picking up a pencil. But I started drawing back in the days of good ol’ classic Saturday morning cartoons (the good 80’s and 90’s not the last 10 years so much).

Sadly, those days of innocence are a long time ago. However, along the way, I got to study under some wonderful professionals and received a degree in design and attended the Academy of Art in the creative capital of San Francisco. So you could say, I’ve picked up an artistic passion that now spans the realm of painting to photography – and even graphic design and illustration.

When I’m not creating, I have the cool opportunity to work at University Art, which is a Mecca for fine artists looking for supplies and inspiration. I am able to meet great artists, teachers and organizers, while being able to discuss and become familiar with all the tools a great art store would sell.

Feel free to follow my blog where I will discuss different products, inform about local and undiscovered talent, upcoming shows and simply my journey to becoming a better artist!

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