Been awhile…..

Well, these last few years in Seattle have been a true roller coaster. I have had a bunch of ups and downs while trying to get established. I really felt my artistic inspiration would expand, as Trump would say, “bigly” however, the hustle of bustle of being an adult in a new city, it didn’t happen.  I found myself trying to find a place to live that wouldn’t cost me two arms and a leg! Being a starving artist in Seattle IS NOT AN OPTION!! I will say there are a lot of opportunities for artists here, but you better have them lined up already. 

Because it’s Washington I had to see if my experience in the Cannabis industry would pay off and it did! Being a new industry it is full of it’s ups and downs, however, it is a new industry and I will never leave. I have met a lot of good people in the industry and of course your backstabbing asses.  Over the last 3years, I have worked as a Security guard, Budtender and quickly moved into Management. I now have the experience to fully run a legal Cannabis store while staying compliant as well as, build a successful business. I also have the experience of knowing what good Cannabis is. As my experience as a Buyer, I have the knowledge to find Cannabis, Edibles, Concentrates and anything else related to the Cannabis industry, work out a deal and get it on store shelves in a timely, compliant manner. 

Check out my other site for my Cannabis experience expertise.

I haven’t been without art these last few years, I have visited the SAM, toured Pike Place Markets Art tables, enjoyed the Kirkland Art Center and went to a Justin Bua pop up art show, where I got the opportunity to get some signed copies from the man himself.

Now that things are starting to settle down and make sense I am finding space in my brain for artistic satisfaction/gratification and have dedicated 2017 to getting back on that artistic saddle. 


Looking forward to new art inspired by my new found path in the LEGAL Cannabis industry.

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