“Along the Way”

"Along the Way"

So I have been living on the eastside of Seattle for about 4 months now and have stumbled across some interesting art. For instance, Fremont Art Walk features some great local talent as well as the Pike Markets art walk. However, over the past weekend I had a chance to attend the “U-District” Art walk and I had a chance to stumble across an art show called “Along the Way”. A collaboration show featuring the works of Carlos Aguilar and Ksera at MOKSHA. I don’t want to short change any artist I have come across since moving here, but this has been the best visual experience from artists on the move that I’ve seen since setting up shop in WA.


MOKSHA did a wonderful job setting up a great visual experience that did a great job capturing the unification of the series being displayed. For a clothing store, the curator did a great job providing a great art energy in the room that not only attract viewers but could hold them in the gallery space for longer than intended. Even though it was a bit hot in the space, I’m pretty sure they weren’t expecting higher than average temps for the Pacific Northwest. To view more information about this fashion forward place, check out there yelp reviews here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/moksha-clothing-and-accessories-seattle
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The show focused on the acrylic paintings done by Carlos Aguilar while Ksera was the focus on the sculptural side of the collaboration. The walls were lined with colorful paintings and were accented by little terrariums done by Ksera. I felt the featured piece was the mass sculpture that was in the center of the showcase. You can’t but smile when looking at this piece and after meeting the artists, it’s very easy to see where the joyful energy of there artwork comes from. Carlos was a very approachable guy, who had a very positive vibe to him. Seemed like a guy you would want to get together and have a beer with while talking about art culture. Ksera was a very nice young lady who I briefly had a chance to meet, but was very welcoming herself. They both described there collaboration with a lot of passion and have made a follower out of me.  Two thumbs up on execution all the way around for this show.  To see the work of the showcase follow  this link:


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