We finally made it!  Years of planning and sacrifices, the Mrs. and I finally packed up the wagon and   headed to the Pacific Northwest. We took our honeymoon to Seattle in 2012 and absolutely fell in love with  the place. We knew this was where we wanted to start our next phase of life.  It took a couple more visit’s and me learning a new trade, but finally the right opportunity presented itself and the powers that be led us to our new destination of Seattle. Yeah, yeah we know it rains a lot here, however, thats helps me and my wife focus, creatively. We landed here March 1st and been here a month and it hasn’t rained as much as people scarred us into believing. Consequently, I have done more paintings this month than I did the second half of all last year.


The drive up had it’s quirks, which I expected, like the 16hr road trip driving a U-Haul and dragging our car. The two day trip we had planned to get to Seattle and knowing we were going to be munching on fast food and snacks. Lastly, having to unpack everything we just packed up when we got there. What I didn’t plan on was: Driving through the storm that threw Dorothy and Toto to Oz while dragging a car, the bank putting a hold on all our funds thinking they were saving us from fraud, soooo that made us eat Frito’s and fries the whole way and finally, not being able to unpack once we got there.


Why can’t we unpack? Let’s just say the apartment we reserved was not the apartment we reserved and living under a family full of small boys is the last place you want to go to relax. The setbacks however, were a blessing in disguise, I landed a better paying job within the first month of being here, got a more reliable vehicle for getting around and finally found a place we can call home right by the new job and by Lake Washington.

Seattle has a wonderful art scene out here and www.seattleartwalk.org has been extremely helpful for learning the local art scene here in Seattle. There isn’t a weekend that goes by were there is not an opportunity to be involved in the art vibe. For instance, Pike Place has a great little art walk everyday except Sunday. Ballard’s art scene is the “it” place to be for new up and coming artists. I even just recently stopped into Dick Blick’s art store, it felt like a mom and pop art store threw up there back-stock all over a warehouse full of artists screaming for supplies, like a group of women reaching for a bouquet. Also the traffic out here is amazingly awful! Got to be at work at 8am better leave at 6:20. It is legendary.


It’s taking a little longer to get settled, but it’s nice knowing we are finally starting to settle down were we want to be and I look forward to making my mark in such a colorful city. I am very excited about making the most out of this move and taking advantage of all opportunities that come my way.

I recently switched my main medium from acrylic to oils and am even more excited about future work. So stay close to the blog, where this year I will be sharing my new work in oils, my art outings in a great art city and sharing more information.


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  1. Tony says:

    Great back story!… Was a pleasure working with you in one industry and looking forward to keeping in touch Q.

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