Making Frame Ready Art

During my tenure as a custom framer for 3 years, I used to see all types of art work in various sizes. I’ve seen frames as big as 60 x 72 to your standard 5×7. One thing I never got tired of was seeing the absolute sticker shock on peoples faces when they realized how much it would cost to frame dear old Grandpa’s watercolor painting. Realizing it’s pretty hard to get a cutom frame done for under $100.Which might be outrageous  to someone trying to frame a picture that’s 10×10.


The next question people would ask would be how do I get this done cheaper? One solution is to get the art matted to fit a ready made frame, which, will run you anywhere from $25-$50. “What makes it so damn expensive?” Would be the next fruatrated question, which I would reply, ” doing a custom frame job is like making a lasagna from scratch. Sure you can buy the cheap ready made Stouffer’s , but there is nothing like a good homemade lasagna. Consequently, it’s going to cost more for that delicious taste, but it’s well worth it in the end.



The ingredients for a frame order goes as follows: Frame, Mat, Glass, fitting it together, any speciality parts (spacers), and of course the finished backing with hanging supplies. All of which will give you a delicious piece of artwork hanging on your walls and will be a constant feature piece in your home for years.



Well what if you don’t want to do that and just     wanted to buy a damn frame already. Then hopefully your piece is one of the standard sizes for a frame which are:

4×6                     14×18            24×36

5×7                     16×20            10×20

8×10                  18×24

11×14                 22×36

Note to all other artists, please make art at one of these sizes if you want to sell your piece so it is frameable at a reasonable cost. Selling work at this size will make it easier to sale due to its ready to be put into a frame without having to get a custom job done.

So what if you have a piece that is 13×19 and you don’t want to pay for a custom frame or a mat job? Then you are the one who would benefit from a Frame Kit. These metal or wood frames are sized at rounded inches and you will likely find the two sides needed to fit your piece. However, it is a standard metal/ wood brand coming in various colors. You will need backing, glass and strap hangers. Usually you can get all that for around $50.00.










Here are a few more tips for anyone wanting to get something framed.

* If its and oil painting DUE NOT KEEP GLASS IN FRAME! If left in colors will lift eventually and get stuck to glass

* If you have a photograph NEVER HAVE IT RIGHT UP AGAINST GLASS. Over time picture image will get stuck to the glass, please invest in matting.

* When putting a hanging wire on the back of the frame, come down 3/4 from top and input hooks.

*All frame jobs will take 1/4 inch off all the way around the image.

* If you have a pastel or charcoal drawing USE FIXATIVE FIRST & LET DRY BEFORE PUTTING IN FRAME

*Lastly stay away from GOLD FRAMES………EW.

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