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Oils, oils, oils!

Oh how my life has changed this last year, moved to a new city and found a new focus. After running into the same frustrations I have had with acrylics, (ie drying to fast and lack of richness) I decided to take the knowledge I’ve obtained while working at University Art and try the starter set of oils I had couped up in the closet. Simple Winsor &Newton student set, not the best quality but I figured since I am in a new city why not try a new medium. All of a sudden I felt like a duck to

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Inspirations part 1 Ernie Barnes

Inspirations part 1 Ernie Barnes

One question I get when my work is being observed is, who inspires you to do what you do artistically? Besides that moment when you finally get to stand back and look at a finished piece and say, “Im done here.” I find myself looking at certain artists for guidance and inspiration. I try to pull out the best aspect I admire from each artist and implement those qualities when working in my artistic groove. It could be the use of a certain color palette, composition, subject matter, to how passionate that artist is/was about there craft.      

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“Along the Way”

"Along the Way"

So I have been living on the eastside of Seattle for about 4 months now and have stumbled across some interesting art. For instance, Fremont Art Walk features some great local talent as well as the Pike Markets art walk. However, over the past weekend I had a chance to attend the “U-District” Art walk and I had a chance to stumble across an art show called “Along the Way”. A collaboration show featuring the works of Carlos Aguilar and Ksera at MOKSHA. I don’t want to short change any artist I have come across since moving here, but this

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We finally made it!  Years of planning and sacrifices, the Mrs. and I finally packed up the wagon and   headed to the Pacific Northwest. We took our honeymoon to Seattle in 2012 and absolutely fell in love with  the place. We knew this was where we wanted to start our next phase of life.  It took a couple more visit’s and me learning a new trade, but finally the right opportunity presented itself and the powers that be led us to our new destination of Seattle. Yeah, yeah we know it rains a lot here, however, thats helps me and

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